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Spain Travel Tips

Equip your self with adequate Spain travel info before your Spain travel. Come and explore this land famous its Flamenco music and dance, bull-fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine. Spain offers much more, so when you plan to travel to Spain go through hand on tips. Below are listed some Spain travel info which would come handy during your Spain travel:

Climate: Spain climate is varied but mostly enjoys a Mediterranean-temperate climate and is one of the warmest countries in Spain. It’s advisable to bring comfortable shoes, a sweater, clothes you can layer and an all-weather coat for your Spain travel. Some religious sites do not allow shorts or sleeveless shirts.

Shopping: In Spain, stores are open in the morning, closing at noon for siesta. They re-open around 4:00 p.m. and again are open till late into the evening. Spain is known for its fine leather goods and porcelain.

Languages: Spanish is the local language. English is generally spoken as well.

Currency: Euro is the currency used in the country.

Passport and Visa: Passport is required. Visa is not required for tourist or business stays up to 90 days.

Social Conventions:

  • Though the Spanish people and their life have seen rapid changes in last couple of years but many old customs, manners and traditions have still not faded and hospitality, chivalry and courtesy remain important.
  • Handshaking is the customary form of greeting. Normal social courtesies should be observed when visiting someone’s home. If invited to a private home, a small gift is appreciated. Flowers are only sent for special celebrations.
  • Conservative casual wear is widely acceptable. Some hotels and restaurants encourage men to wear jackets. A black tie is only necessary for very formal occasions and is usually specified if required. Outside resorts, beachwear should be confined to beach or poolside.
  • Smoking is widely accepted.
  • The Spanish have two family names and during conversations only the first should be used.

Tipping: This is a matter of personal discretion. Although bills normally include a service charge, it is customary to tip in restaurants and other places that cater to tourists. 

Driving: Traffic drives on the right in Spain with more than 150,000km of road network.

Departure tax: There is currently no departure tax in Spain.

Electricity: The voltage used is 220 volts.

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Spain Travel Guide
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