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Spain Climate

Spain is considered as one of the warmest countries in Europe. Spain climate varies but mostly enjoys a Mediterranean-temperate climate. Climate in Spain is characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The Spain climate is very diverse. It's largely affected by its altitude and the surrounding sea. Spain being one of the most mountainous counties in Europe and two oceans on both sides of it climate Spain weather sees a huge difference between the northern and southern climate.

STRONG>Summer climate in Spain : Spanish summers can sometimes get very hot. The average temperatures are at least 30°C. Coastal areas enjoy cool breezes that bring temperatures down to a more bearable level. There's is a lot of sunshine and hardly any rain.

Spain climate during autumn months : Autumn months are a great time to visit Spain with all the greenery around, sea being warm and average air temperatures reaching up to 28°C. It's only in November that temperatures drop to around 20°C.

Climate Spain weather during winters : During the winter, coastal temperatures hover at about 17°C. Although sunny and warm during the day, it can feel very cold at night. Inland, it gets seriously colder, especially in mountainous areas like Granada.

Spring : Late spring are magical times in Spain. As the days get longer, the weather is warm, with average temperatures rising to about 21°C inland and about 24°C on the Southern coast. There's an average of 11 hours sun per day.


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